Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hockey Games

Hockey season is starting up again. My team of choice, the San Jose Sharks, are celebrating their 25th year of never making it to the finals!

...They started things off by getting one of their better players benched for 41 games. Ouch. But hey, they've got a new team captain! Maybe that will help them do better, since the old captain, Joe Thornton, has been widely criticized for playing badly whenever it was important. I like him, and I think he's a great player, but he has an admittedly bad playoff record. I can sympathize; I also tend to screw up, when I'm under a lot of pressure.

I've got a 20-game pack, to watch the Portland Junior Team, which is the 21 and under league. I usually take the bus to games, which takes me about 40 to 45 minutes. I use this time to read books; when I'm working at my best, I can read 2 books in one night. When I'm not working at my best, or the books are bad, I either get carsick or I put the book away to play on my phone.

I'm looking forward to the games, but I've got a problem now that I'm working as a delivery boy. I signed up for a bunch of weekend games, but I'm scheduled to work a lot of weekends. That's when you make the most money as a delivery driver. Also, it's the best time to work, because that's when you're least likely to get pressed into doing other people's jobs. (Kitchen services loves to make non-kitchen people do their jobs. I'm okay with dish washing, but all the others? Not so good.)

I'm not sure how I'm going to juggle a hockey game every weekend (or so) with work every weekend.

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Katie Nelson said...

Lol I just had to point this out, and do it in the "zoom a few times" way: "I can sympathize; I also tend to screw up, when I'm under a lot of pressure." "I can sympathize; I also tend to screw up..." "I can sympathize..." "...Sympathize..." It's EMPATHIZE Michael XD!!!!! Sympathy is when you feel bad for someone, empathy is when you understand what someone is going through, therefore the best word would be empathize, not sympathize. :p It's not that big of a deal, I just wanted to be grammer nazi.

Anyway, if the San Hose Sharks are that terrible, I doubt they'll be able to get better anytime soon, but you never know.