Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Detective Barbie

My family and I recorded some videos for Detective Barbie!

The full playlist is here. I'm trying out the end of video advertisement thing, which will link to the next and previous videos in the series. I hope it works.


Katie said...

I loved this game as a kid. If it's alright, the only tip I'll provide you is that the clues you discover are meant to act as guidance to the next clue/step. So, for example, you found the red ribbon. That means you should check out a game in which you can win a ribbon (the frog game, if I remember correctly). You should be able to find another clue there. A clue is "hot" in your computer when you need to follow up on it, and "cold" when you've done just that (so, you found the ticket with the ghost, you went to the haunted house, and found the ribbon). Not trying to backseat game, but I hope that helps!

Also, it's super sweet to see (well, hear) your family in the video. Mary sounds like an absolute sweetie and Katie has fun little insights into the game as well. :)

Emily said...

To add on to the advice above (which is awesome btw) if you're in an area where the hot clue led there will usually be green hand prints on things that are hiding a clue. If the clue is sitting out in the open it will glow green. You can see both of those things by looking around with your magnifying glass.

Later on in the game you'll also be following people. You use your magnifying glass to look at the ground to see green footprints that will show you where to go next.