Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Copyright Strike

Last year, I got two copyright strikes against my channel. YouTube said the strikes would expire on October 26th.

As of my writing this, 5:52 PM on the 27th, the strikes are kind of expired. On the copyright claims page, the videos in question are listed as "Removed (copyright strike expired).". Phew, that's good! But on the channel page, my channel is listed as "in bad standing", like I still have a copyright strike.

Other things that can trigger "in bad standing" are breaking YouTube's community guideline rules, or a video that Content ID has blocked globally. I don't think I've done either of those things.

I'm not sure what to do about the situation. I think I'll wait several days, until November, and hopefully, the situation will resolve itself. That is, YouTube will restore my "in good standing" status after the year of waiting. If not...I guess I need to play around with the videos that got the strike. (Delete them? Submit as finished? I'm loath to touch them at all, in case it causes another strike.)


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I would delete them just get rid of them I don't won't you getting another strike.

Anonymous said...

It could just be that YouTube is running behind since they're in the process of launching YouTube Red.

I'd imagine that if waiting until the month's end doesn't do anything, deleting the videos in question might be the way to go.

Anonymous said...

maybe you could delete them from youtube but put them up on daily motion, as a kind of quaranntine channel?