Friday, October 2, 2015

Castle Malloy, Speedrun 4

Does anyone know a fast way to get coins, in Haunting of Castle Malloy? From what I can tell, these are the various ways.

1. One next to the Madame Isbael machine
2. One after solving the leprechaun puzzle
3. One after moving the rocking horse = about ten seconds to get
4. One from doing the first doll puzzle = about eight seconds to get
5. Two from the slots of the machines in the pub = about ten seconds to get
6. Playing mix maid

Is there one I missed? Maybe there's one in the bog hut, or in the sheep-shearing area? I dunno.

You need three coins, in order to get a weight from Madame Isbael. Right now, it looks like the fastest way to do that is to play mix maid, which you have to do no matter what. If you get the coins from other locations, you can put off seeing Donal until 40 minutes into the game or so. That's a minor timesaver; it saves you an extra trip to Donal's place.

The first two coins on the list are easy to get. They only take about a second, because they're in areas you'll already be in. Coins 3-5 require you to go slightly out of your way. I wonder what takes more time: getting the coins from playing mix maid (and therefore taking an extra trip to Donal's) or getting the coins from other places?


Jadyn said...

There are 4 in the castle i can think of. The one by the fourtne teller, one by rocking the rocking horse in the nursery, and 2 frkm doing the doll puzzles in the nursery

Unknown said...

I've gotten all the coins and I'm bad at the dart game and lost every time. Is there anything I can do because I'm pretty sure I can not move on until I get that prize?