Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Awakening Speedrun

Yesterday, I said "I also tend to screw up, when I'm under a lot of pressure." I was thinking of my speedrun for Awakening: The Dreamless Castle, which I've been working on for about two months.

The final speedrun will be under 26 minutes (hopefully), so it's kind of ridiculous that I'm taking so long on this run.

When I started, I figured I would play the game in five segments. Each segment would cover one hidden objects challenge, since those are randomized. But then the mah-jong puzzles started to get so difficult that they need their own segments. Certain jigsaw puzzles also got difficult.

Now I've got a fourteen segment run.

With this game, you can do some puzzle skips. For example, you're supposed to do a jigsaw puzzle for the safe code, 2134. If you know the code ahead of time, you can open the safe without doing the jigsaw puzzle. That saves you about 50 seconds. In general, if a puzzle gives you a diary entry, you can skip it. If it gives you an inventory item, then you can't skip it.

That jigsaw puzzle skip I just mentioned? I missed that, during my speedrun. So I had to go back five segments and re-record everything. It was a huge hassle to redo half the run, when you're 75% of the way through.

The speedrun is done now, and it'll be uploaded sometime within the next week.

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