Monday, September 28, 2015

Was Jesus Married?

Q: Was Jesus married?

A: Almost certainly not. None of the biographies, written in the century after his death, mention him being married. Some people think that Jesus was married, and everyone knew it, but there was a massive coverup when Pope Saint Gregory VII made it mandatory for all priests to be celibate. This is impossible for two reasons.

#1, there is a 900 to 1000 year gap, in between Jesus' death and the Gregorian reforms. That's way too long for any coverup to be plausible; there's just too much that would have to be suppressed. Imagine launching a coverup program, to conceal the fact that George Washington was the first United States President. Now multiply that difficulty by four. That's how impossible it would be.

#2, the Eastern Orthodox Church split from the Catholic Church, before the Gregorian reforms. There's no way that they would have gone along with a huge cover-up by a Catholic Pope. Also, they have married priests, so if anyone would have promoted the idea of a married Jesus, it's them.

I know they made a movie (movies?) out of the idea that Jesus was married. I'm told the inspiration was an old piece of paper with chunks missing. It read something like "Mary Magdalene [gap] kissed [gap] Jesus".

Um...yeah. I think it's jumping to conclusions, to say they were married based on that. I want to see what the missing parts of the sentence are, first. I bet five bucks that it's a version of the story, where Mary washes Jesus' feet with fancy perfume, then dries them with her hair and kisses them. (John 12, Luke 7).

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Anonymous said...

Yes it's kind of ridiculous for people to say that. Besides, wouldn't the new testament say something about that if it were true?