Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stock Stuff

Okay, let me log onto eTrade and see how my stocks are doing...

Oh, my. That's a lot of red. I haven't see so much red since I put one of my Latin texts into a Word document.

Well, I've got some options. Let's look at Garmin. I spent $367.5 for ten shares. On September 30th, they're giving me $5.1, for being a shareholder. 10% of that goes straight to taxes, so in reality, I'm only making $4.59.

The eTrade fees are $19.98. When I subtract the $4.59 that I'm getting, it leaves me with $15.39. I need to make over that amount, in order to profit.

I think the math works out to 38.3. If I sell my shares at that amount, I get a profit of 11 cents. If I sell my shares at that amount, I get a net profit of 6 cents. 30% of that (three cents) goes to taxes, so in reality, I get eight cents. Oh, man, I'm going to be living the high life now!


Anonymous said...

Make sure to quit your job right away after selling your stocks. *sarcasm in case sarcasm is not detected*

Katie Nelson said...

Yep, you wouldn't want to be out of a job when you don't get any money. :p