Friday, September 4, 2015


Most of the games available on Big Fish Games autosave. This can be a problem sometimes; if something messes up near the end of a game, I have to restart all the way from the beginning again.

I finally figured out where they keep the various save files! It's in AppData-->Roaming, where the files are sorted by company name. This helps me get around the autosave feature, in a sense. If I copy/paste a save file, I can duplicate the effect of reloading from an earlier save.

I think this would be most useful, with speedrunning. Specifically, it'd help with segmented runs; those are runs where you use save states to help you get your maximum speed. Normally, people save before randomly-determined puzzles. That way, if you get a really bad puzzle setup, you can reload and try again. I'm thinking this would be super useful with hidden objects challenges. You know, I save as soon as a hidden objects challenge appears. I figure out where all the items are located, then I reload.

Just out of curiosity, which non-Nancy Drew games would you readers like to see me speedrun? I think Dana Knightstone and Haunted Halls are the most popular non-Nancy Drew game series that I play. I wouldn't mind having a go at Phoenix Wright, if I could get the equipment to record handheld games.


Anonymous said...

Hey Arglefumph,

I have occasionally come to your channel and caught up with it every once and a while, and just wanted to ask a favor, even if it is very minor (not to mention unrelated to your post),

While playing Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, I watched your walkthrough on it. In the video where Layton explains the true nature of Future London, you made a remark spoiling the endings to the first two games, which I hadn't played yet.

I played them anyway, but I could easily figure out the endings because of that spoiler. That always bothered me, and I ceased to watch many of your walkthroughs after that for guidance, instead opting for other sources.

I think you're a great gamer, and still every once in a while I check what you've done--congrats on being married, by the way.

I just would like to request that video re-made without the spoiler, and to avoid spoilers as much as possible in the future, as I personally think it's really unprofessional.

Thank you,
A Fan

Michael Gray said...

I'm sorry about that! I didn't mean to ruin the other games for anyone. I don't remember that specific video, but I'm sure I was just making a joke about how the Professor Layton games have ridiculous explanations at the end.

I agree that spoilers are bad, and I try to avoid them as much as possible.