Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope Francis in the United States

Pope Francis is in the United States! When he landed, he was greeted by President Obama, and he gave a brief speech. The speech included several political buzzwords, which makes me suspect that Pope Francis didn't write it himself. He said nice things about America, and he touched on the topic of religious freedom. Mostly, he talked about the environment and climate change, which is a safe topic because he and Obama mostly agree on it.

Yesterday, the Pope was welcomed into the White House and had a parade at the national mall, before doing midday prayer with the United States Bishops. He gave a sizeable homily to the Bishops, which I thought was good and interesting. He also canonized Fr. Junipero Serra as a saint, despite concerns that Fr. Serra worked too closely with Spanish colonialists (aka the conquistadors).

Today, he's giving a speech to a joint session of Congress. He decided to skip the reception with questionable guests, in favor of giving food out at a temporary homeless shelter. The shelter is temporary, because the local church had to move it, to be closer to where the Pope will be. If you've ever been to DC, you'll know the closest church to the White House is not a Catholic one.

He will leave for New York and spend a day there, where he will address the United Nations. Then he'll go to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families, which is the main reason for his visit to our country.

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