Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Job

At the start of the month, I talked about getting a new job. Well, I finally got one! I'm a delivery driver for Round Table Pizza.

It's an okay job. The downside is that if there are no deliveries, I have to stay inside and wash dishes for hours. And take care of the salad buffet. And now they want me to learn how to work phones and the ordering system, which must have been designed by an outside company, because no way someone who takes pizza orders for a living decided this is the best way to organize orders.

Actually, no, the downside is that wages, tips and gas reimbursement are three completely different pay categories, according to the IRS. So I need to keep separate records for all three. It's pretty rough.

Currently, I'm working during the daytime, which means I don't get to watch my soap operas anymore, and I have much less time for YouTube stuff. That's kind of a shame, actually. A lot of my livestreaming stuff has been geared towards speedrunning, 'cause that's what I'm into right now. But I could use another hour each day, just for speedrunning stuff. Like, Segment 1 of Haunting of Castle Malloy is about 40 minutes long. How many tries will it take to reach optimum time on that? I dunno, but if I want to do it, I need more practice time than just "maybe one attempt per week".

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