Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Land Before Time 13: The Wisdom of Friends

Land Before Time 13: The Wisdom of Friends is a very bad movie. I can see why they cancelled the series, after this one (and the previous one). Although in reality, the movie series was probably cancelled because they moved to a TV show.

The movie is all about a group of yellow-bellied dinosaurs. They have huge butts, and they make weird noises. They say a lot of stupid things. They're supposed to be funny, and Mary laughed at them twice, but they are nowhere near entertaining enough to be the main focus of a movie. (Just like Minions--OH SNAP, I JUST WENT THERE!).

The yellow-bellies are vaguely based on the beipiaosaurus. I don't know why they bothered to base them on a real dinosaur.

The Yellow-Bellies want to visit Berry Valley. Littlefoot figures the Yellow-Bellies are too stupid to make the journey on their own, so our heroes guide them there. Along the way, they pick up more Yellow-Bellies and avoid carnivores. There is no subplot in the movie at all. It's 60 minutes of Yellow Bellies acting stupid.

The title of the movie comes from "the wisdoms". "The wisdoms" are vague pieces of parental advice, like "keep your eyes and ears open" or "stick together in a group". In fact, those are the ONLY wisdoms that we learn in the movie. They get mentioned at least ten times, as if they're wise advice from a prophet, and not simple safety rules.

The moral of the story is that Yellow-Bellies follow their instincts, and that's just as good as following wisdoms. Of course, this moral comes in song form. Maybe the movie is trying to say that following your heart is just as good as following your head. But it also seems like the movie is confusing "intellect", "instinct" and "conscience", even though those are three completely different things.

Overall, bad movie. I will never watch it again.

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Don't worry, absolutely NOONE cares about those minion things.