Thursday, September 10, 2015

Land Before Time 12: The Great Day of the Flyers

Land Before Time 12 was not very enjoyable. The main story was about Guido, one of those small, feathered dinosaurs. He had a rather annoying voice, which was a point against the movie's favor. I spent the entire movie wondering where I've heard that voice before. I looked it up just now; it's a Woody Allen impersonation, just more high-pitched than the real Woody.

Since Guido is so strange-looking, nobody what species he is or where he belongs. Even he doesn't know, because he has amnesia. (His amnesia is never cured, by the way; it was just an excuse to force the plot along.) So he tries to fit in with every single group of dinosaurs, and he fails miserable.

At one point, Guido starts sleepwalking. The sleepwalking sequence went on for over ten minutes, and it made me realize I don't like this movie. It was too much of a timewaster for me. The sleepwalking ended with a revelation: Guido, the winged dinosaur with feathers, can fly. Our heroes were surprised, while I facepalmed.

The movie has two subplots. First, Cera's dad (and his new wife) have an incredibly adorable baby. Guido's flying ability was connected to THIS story. What happens is that the baby falls into a river, and he must fly to save her. I guess the baby storyline was okay, mainly because the baby was so cute. Personally, I wonder what happened to Cera's nieces (and their unseen parents) from the sixth movie.

The other subplot is about the Great Day of Flyers. Apparently, it's a big flying competition, where every group of flying dinosaurs performs in front of judges. Petrie and his family are doing a V formation, but he keeps screwing up. Once, he messes up because he's distracted by his friends. The second time, he messes up because he can't handle flying through clouds.

Now, you'd think Guido's ability to fly would be tied into the flyer storyline. Nope! What happens is that Guido tells Petrie to be unique, to just be himself, to not follow along with the rest of the group. Not exactly the best advice to give someone, when they're competing in a team sport. Petrie goes off and starts doing his own thing, during the synchronized flying show. Everyone else on the team thinks that is super neat, so they start deviating from the original flight plan. There's a big finale musical number, and all the flyers start flying like crazy.

Overall, I didn't like the movie, and that's mainly because I didn't like Guido. The rest of the movie was passable; there was nothing I particularly liked or disliked about it, besides for the cute baby that I liked.


Anonymous said...

Michael, this comment is not about Land Before Time but I think you can answer it. In my bible class, a person asked why there was a fascination with the Virgin Mary in Catholicism. I did not know the answer, but I thought you would. Thank you very much!

Michael Gray said...

Historical Answer: Christians have always had a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, ever since the very beginning.

During the Protestant Revolution, the Protestants cut back on their devotion to Mary and the saints, because it was a way to distinguish themselves from the Catholics. The Catholics responded by doubling down and instituting MORE feast days for the Virgin Mary on their calendar. The Protestants responded by doubling down AGAINST devotion to the Virgin Mary.

The two churches have gone back and forth on the matter, for a few hundred years. That's sort of how we got to the situation today, where Protestants think Catholics are obsessed with Mary, and Catholics think Protestants completely hate Mary.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! This answers so many questions!

Cil said...

Totally being OT but I don't have a Google-account ^^

I love your AA-reviews and they were one of the reasons I got into this franchise in the first place. If you have no complete disdain for ME and do not play it solely for clicks, please continue with it, these reviews are always a blast to watch.

(Not having you defend the whale was already sad enough as was skipping the outro of DD but I gathered you weren't that fond of DD in general or am I completely on the wrong track here?)