Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Land Before Time 10: The Great Longneck Migration

The Land Before Time 10 is the first movie in the series to use fully computer-generated dinosaurs. You can tell that the animators had a lot of fun, playing with new computer effects. Remember when Tarzan first came out, and they bragged about how they used computers to animate the trees while he slid all over them? They do that special effect all the time in this movie. They also do a lot of 360 degree shots. Here, watch the first song of the movie; it has a bunch of crazy camera pans, all in a row.

The story is that Littlefoot and all the other longnecks are having strange dreams. They get up and migrate to a far-off place, even though they don't know the destination. Hundreds of other longnecks are also making this migration. It takes them to a huge crater, where Littlefoot meets his long-lost father.

The storyline with Littlefoot's father was pretty emotional and well done. It's probably the closest that the sequels have ever come to the first movie, in that we're discussing the effects of a mother's death upon her family. The actor, Keith Sutherland, did a good job. I teared up a bit at the end, when Littlefoot had to leave his father forever.

Littlefoot's friends don't have much to do, so they try to follow. They almost get eaten in a swamp, and it occurs to me that we haven't had any talking villains in this series since the fourth movie. Odd. The villains in movies 2-4 all talked and even sang. Now all the villains are carnivores, and they don't do anything besides roar.

Anyway, the kids make friends with another longneck named Pat, who helps them along the way. In the big finale, there's a huge fight with the dinosaurs and three vicious meat-eaters. It was fun to watch. I was less impressed by the ending, though. It turns out that the longnecks all migrated to the crater, in order to watch a solar eclipse.

They think that, if they stretch their necks out really high, they will prevent the sun from falling. I know science, so...yeah. That's a silly premise. The dinosaurs believe it, though, and they are convinced that longnecks saved the world.

Overall, a pretty good movie! It took me a while to get used to the animation, but it's definitely much better than the previous film.

I'm told that after this one, they drove the series into the ground. We'll see about that!

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