Saturday, September 26, 2015

Detective Barbie

I was going to play Detective Barbie, but the video came out weird. Here's the startup screen:

I should note that the game looks perfectly fine, on my computer. I see this as a normal rainbow. The recording equipment turns it into that weird form.

The walkthrough is getting put on hold, now. I have one final recording method to try, which is to trick the computer into thinking it's duplicating the screen onto a projector. The "projector" will be the machine I use to record Wii games. Maybe that'll work? That's how I recorded The Pagemaster, but that was seven years ago at this point.


Anonymous said...

Are you still doing a Saturday Stream today?

Anonymous said...

I hope it works! I totally want to see this

Sarah Klauda said...

I'd love to see you play the Barbie game that gave me nightmares as a kid :)

L said...

I'm soooo looking forward to you playing this!! I loved the Barbie games when I was a kid, and it'd be awesome to hear your commentary on them. Could you do a bunch of the Barbie games? Like both Detective Barbies, Secret Agent Barbie, Barbie Riding Club, Barbie Horse Adventures, etc.?