Sunday, September 13, 2015

Days of our Lives

Days of our Lives has gotten a lot better, recently. That's because there was a big turnover in the show's staff. The new people in charge have decided to change a lot of storylines, and to fire several actors.

For example, there is Aiden Jennings. He was introduced as Hope's love interest, in January of last year. Since then, the show has been slowly building up their relationship, and he's at the point of proposing to her.

The new people have decided to get rid of Aiden as a character. So they turned him evil at the last minute, to get viewers to dislike him. The two years of Aiden/Hope love? Apparently that was all just an act! He was under orders to seduce her. That evil, scheming fiend!

They got rid of one character (Sonny Kiriakis), by having him move to Europe. The other characters? They're getting murdered. The show planned to fire them all, anyway, why not get a serial killer storyline out of it?

By coincidence (or maybe not by coincidence), this is happening at the same time as the show's 50-year anniversary. A bunch of old cast members are coming back, to celebrate the anniversary. I imagine some of them will only appear for a one-day cameo, while others will stick around for a lot longer. Hey, they've got the budget to hire some more actors, so why not?

Anyway, now that Sonny is officially off the show, let's take a look at how long his marriage to Will lasted. Hmmm...about a year and a half. Will cheated on Sonny with two different men, during that time. Not a very good track record, for the first officially-married gay couple on a soap opera.

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