Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cooking Disaster

This week, I tried three new recipes! Two of them were simple ones for Mary to do. One is mini-pizzas, which is mainly tomato sauce and cheese on English muffins. The other is cheese toasties, which is mainly cheese and bacon on English muffins. She liked cooking them, but she decided she hates the way they taste, because ew, sauce is yucky.

The other recipe was chicken parmesan, which was a disaster. You're supposed to use corn flake crumbs in order to bread the chicken. We don't have those, so I put bread in a toaster and told Mary to cover the chicken with the crumbs. Instead of breaded chicken, we got chicken with random bread chunks on it. I think the bread covered less than a fourth of the chicken, instead of covering the entire chicken, like it's supposed to.

I liked the sauce, which had a bunch of seasonings and stuff. Mary and Katie decided ew, sauce is yucky. So they had chicken parmesan without the sauce or the cheese. It was basically chicken breasts, with random pieces of bread on top.

The disaster part was when I burnt a hole in the back of the microwave. Surprise! None of the pans I've been using are microwave safe! Yes, I've been using the microwave cookbook for two months now, without knowing the pans shouldn't be used in the microwave.

I have a list of 41 microwave recipes to try out; now I'll have to go through the list and eliminate a lot of them, because I don't have the right pans. The recipe I'll miss the most is the burger recipe. You put the burgers on a rack, above a pan. That way, when you cook them, all the blood/fat drips down into the pan. You cook the burgers two minutes, then flip them, then cook another two minutes. If you're making four burgers, bump up the time to two and a half minutes. This recipe is great, because it's a lot faster than cooking with a frying pan. Also, it's much easier to clean up afterwards, since all the fat is separate from the burgers.

But since my pan and rack aren't microwave safe...I can't use this recipe anymore. Sadness.


Anonymous said...

My suggestion? Go to a cooking school. They have teachers that can help you with things like which things can be used in a microwave, proper cooking procedures, etc. In the meantime, you should try making simple stuff like salads. Most don't have ingredients that need cooking, and they're simple.

B said...

Can you do an Cooking with Arglefumph segment while waiting for MIS? You can test out all his r recipes from the current cookbook you have!

I really enjoyed you cooking your way through the ND cookbook!