Saturday, August 8, 2015


I now have a Twitch account! I'm still not sure how it works, but I'm told it's just like livestreaming.

I got Twitch for two reasons.

#1, All the speedrunning people think I need one. I hope this will be worthwhile, even if it ends up being a dumping ground for my failed speedrun attempts. I have four world records for speedruns (and three records that were stolen from me--GASP!), so I'm told I qualify to be part of the speedrunning Twitch community. I think that means they repost my stuff, whenever I go live. It couldn't hurt.

My plan is to speedrun Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness first. I have a list of six or so games I want to speedrun after that, with The Final Scene and Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon high on that list. I also have two non-Nancy Drew games I want to run right now. And EJ just asked if I could try routing Secret of the Old Clock or Ransom of the Seven Ships, so that's also on my to-do list...

#2. Multiple people have told me that I needed to get one, since they can make lots of money!

I signed up for Twitch's paid partner program, on the basis that I'm popular on YouTube. They rejected me, which is sad. If Twitch is anything like YouTube, it'll take about four or five years before I reach their minimum popularity standards. On YouTube, that didn't happen for me until early 2011, and even then, I only got ad revenue on a few videos. Mostly just the vlogs, and none of the games.

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