Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sea of Darkness Speedrun

I'm resuming work on my Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness speedrun! Here's what the run looks like, when I use my old route from May 29th.

Please let me know if you can think of any improvements! xKONEKOxNEKOx has already helped; he or she figured out what makes Gunnar appear/disappear. I make him disappear, by visiting the bilge pump and leaving town. To make him reappear...just wait three minutes. He automatically reappears. (The caveat is that you can't spend the three minutes waiting outside the pub; you have to go somewhere else, like onboard the ship.)

What does that Gunnar disappearing thing mean for the route? means I need three minutes of stuff to do, in between him disappearing and reappearing. I think I'll solve the triangle puzzle (in the captain's hold) to this part of the run, just to pad it out a bit. I don't want a situation like in my Labyrinth of Lies speedrun, where I was 2-3 seconds early in finishing the timed pot-making challenge, and so I had to leave the building and return to get it.

If someone can think of any other implications this has, I'd be glad to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I ran across your "Walkthrough Cleaning List" from last year (
and wanted to comment on one of the games you discarded- The Last Express. The reason you cited for not doing a walkthrough was that you didn't have the manual, which you thought had crucial material in it.
You do not need the manual to finish or to figure out the game; however, there is a free copy in PDF form here which I used when I played the game last at
The timetables which you discussed in your Cleaning List post aren't needed to complete the game, but can be for strategizing, so here are the station times (found here:

Several miles past Paris (France) July 24th 7:39pm
Epernay (France) July 24th 9:16pm
Chalons (France) July 24th 9:41pm
Bar-Le-Duc (France) July 24th 10:45pm
Strasbourg (Germany) July 25th 3:38am
Ulm (Germany) July 25th 8:25am
Munich (Germany) July 25th 12:00pm
Salzburg (Germany) July 25th 12:45pm
Attnang (Austria-Hungary) July 25th 1:57pm
Wels (Austria-Hungary) July 25th 2:23pm
A few miles past Vienna (Austria-Hungary) July 25th 7:35pm
Poszony (Austria-Hungary) 25th July 8:08pm
Galanta (Austria-Hungary) 25th July 8:47pm
A few miles prior to Budapest (Austria-Hungary) 25th July 10:30pm
Several miles prior to Belgrad (Austria-Hungary) 26th July 4:40am
Several miles prior to Constantinople (Asia Minor) 27th July 7:00pm

It's really a terrific game; I hope you can make a walkthrough for it in the coming months!

- Syd

Anonymous said...

EDIT: *can be useful for strategizing
- Syd

Michael Gray said...

Thanks for the help, Syd! I'm probably NOT going to do a video walkthrough for it, because I have the game on iPad. I don't have the equipment to record iPad games anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, I thought that you had the PC version from Big Fish or maybe Steam. Still, I do hope that if you ever get around to playing the game again, even though you probably won't do a walkthrough, that you'll find the information above useful for navigating through all the different paths the game can take. Good luck with your Sea of Darkness speedrun!