Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nancy Drew Reboots

Continuing from Monday, if you could do anything with Nancy Drew, what would you change?

As Bill indicated, the 1980's reboot of Nancy Drew tried to be more serious, by introducing murder mysteries instead of sabotage. They also turned Nancy into a gorgeous action girl, who sees plenty of romance. Often, the romance doesn't involve her boyfriend Ned. Nancy was more likely to break the rules and do bad things.

I personally like 1980's Nancy Drew. I like her self-determination, dedication and bravery. I don't like how she's always making out with other guys, though. 1980's Hardy Boys also have a lot of one-book relationships, which I don't like. The idea is that our heroes have open relationships, because they're so independent and sexually alluring, but to me, it just makes them looking like a bunch of cheaters who throw themselves at anyone they can find.

With the 2004 reboot of Nancy Drew, they turned her into a klutz for some reason. They made Bess a mechanic, in a vain attempt to avoid the "girly-girl" stereotype. Only one book took Mechanic Bess seriously; in all the others, she's a girly girl stereotype. George stayed exactly the same, except she inherited Bess' computer skills from the previous series.

The biggest change in 2004 Nancy Drew was the introduction of regular characters. There are people like Harold Safer and Deirdre Shannon, who appear in every book. Deirdre Shannon, Chief McGinnis and Mrs. Mahoney were the characters who got the most screen time. I definitely liked the idea of regularly reoccurring characters. It's a change from the previous series where every new book has a different set of characters, and hardly any character appears in more than one book. All in all, though, I think Hardy Boys did a better job with a large cast of regular characters.

The advertising for 2004 Nancy Drew said that the biggest change was modernization. Nancy has a cell phone and uses computers and drives a hybrid! Fans of Nancy Drew weren't impressed by this. Nancy did those things for YEARS before the reboot.

I can't really tell what's new with the 2013 Nancy Drew book reboot. It seems exactly the same as the previous series, except all the secondary characters disappeared. And they bumped the reading level down a bit.

We're kind of getting a Nancy Drew reboot now, with the Her Interactive series. There's a new writer, and a new voice for Nancy Drew. I wonder how it will turn out. I'm kind of excited!

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