Monday, August 24, 2015

Mary Anne

Earlier today, I was thinking about how boring Mary Anne from the Baby-Sitters Club is. A realistic Mary Anne book plot looks like this:

A new sandwich store opens in town, and Mary Anne goes there to get a BLT. But the cute guy at the store gets her order wrong! Mary Anne is sad and embarrassed, but she's too shy to say anything about it.
She berates herself for a full day, then she returns to the store to ask for a new sandwich. BUT! The cute guy recognizes her, and he decides she wants "the usual". So he gets her the wrong sandwich again!
She visits the store several times over the next 80 pages, but every time, she gets the wrong food. Finally, she explodes in a ball of passive/aggressive rage, and she tells the cute guy that he got her order wrong! He apologizes, and she feels better. The end.

I like Mary Anne, but gosh, she is boring.

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Anonymous said...

Very true, although you forgot about the intermittent babysitting scenes throughout the entire book. ;)