Friday, August 28, 2015


YouTube just launched YouTube Gaming, which is a livestreaming service sort of like Twitch. My stream is here:

We're gonna try it out this Saturday, at 9:00 AM, PST. I'll be working on my Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness speedrun. Hope to see you there!

Last October, YouTube revoked my livestreaming privileges for a full year. I still haven't gotten them restored. As a result, YouTube will not let me schedule any livestreams in advance. They also won't let me make cards for my livestreams. I think "cards" are those pictures, where people super-impose pictures of themselves over a screenshot of the game. My friend Diana did that for her Francy Droo walkthrough.

But hey, at least they're finally letting me livestream again, two months earlier than planned! Thanks, YouTube Gaming, for letting me slip through the cracks!

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