Friday, August 21, 2015

Land Before Time 9: Journey to Big Water

I didn't like Land Before Time 9 very much. It felt like they took a minor step back, in the animation department, with lots of hand animation super-imposed upon computer-generated 3D animation. That can look good, at times, but here, it just made me wonder how much money they could have saved, if they animated everything traditionally.

The movie starts with lots of rain. Littlefoot tries to visit his friends, but they're all busy. Everyone sings a song about how boring it is, not to play with your friends. Pro Tip: If your movie is boring, don't draw attention to that fact, by turning it into a musical number. And especially don't START the movie with that song.

Bored Littlefoot meets Mo, a friendly dolphin creature. He tries to introduce Mo to his friends, but Mo is hiding. This prompts a musical number about imaginary friends. Immediately after, Littlefoot calls out for Mo again, and he instantly appears. It's almost like Mo hid, the first time he was called, just so they could have a musical number.

The rest of the movie is made up of the kids and Mo, walking/swimming to the ocean. They do a reprise of "Big Water" from the fifth movie, and I'm sad, because now I'm reminded of a much better movie. There's a sequence where a random dinosaur helps our heroes (prompting a song), and a sequence where it looks like everyone will be killed by a carnivorous swimmer.

At the end, they reach the ocean. Mo's dolphin friends know the land route back to the Great Valley, which doesn't make much sense, because they're dolphins who don't walk on land. Anyway! The kids walk back home, and they are reunited with their parents! Good thing their parents stayed at home instead of, you know, looking for them. To be honest, though, I wouldn't look for those kids, either. They've left the valley in every single movie so far...

Overall, I didn't like the movie. I find it weird that the quality of these movies can vary so drastically, considering that they're made by the same people every year.

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