Sunday, August 16, 2015

Land Before Time 8: The Big Freeze

The Big Freeze is about winter! Winter comes to the Great Valley, and there's snow for the first time. I guess they live in California. (Either that, or the ice age is coming to end the age of the dinosaurs!)

There are two other storylines, and yes, I like it when these movies have multiple storylines! I've noticed that these movies tend to be awful, if they only have one storyline (see movies #3 and #9).

The one storyline is about Spike, who hasn't gotten a storyline before. Poor fellow. A group of migrating Spike Tails appears in the valley, and he makes friends with them. Now he has a dilemma: should he leave his adopted family and join up with his own kind? Or should he stay here?

Ducky is angry at Spike for no real reason, so she insists that he go with the Spike Tails. He does, and it doesn't take long for Ducky to complain about his decision. Um, Ducky, it's kind of YOUR FAULT he left. You told him to! She chases after Spike, along with the others.

The other storyline is with a dinosaur named Mr. Thick Nose. He's the oldest and wisest dinosaur in the valley; he's been everywhere and seen everything. He tries to lead the herd when the snow appears, but he completely fails apart, and everyone ostracizes him.

Since nobody is talking to him, Thick Nose goes with the kids, to help find Spike. They find a hot spring that protects them from snow, and they also find a big carnivore who they have to fight a few times. Thick Nose confesses to the kids that he is a fraud, who's never left his home before. He makes up for it, by saving the kids a few times, and by doing a musical number.

In the end, they lead everyone to the hot spring, and Mr. Thick Nose saves face. They find Spike, and he's reunited with his adopted family.

This wasn't the best movie of the series, but it wasn't that bad. I found it odd that they spent so much time on Mr. Thick Nose's reputation, since "old guy who pretends to have done a lot of stuff" isn't really a children-friendly storyline. If it was on TV or something, I guess I'd watch it again. It might even give the movie a new meaning, if you know from the beginning that Thick Nose is a fraud.

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Anonymous said...

please keep posting these Land Before Time little reviews! I watched the series until about number 10, and then got too old/didn't care anymore. It'd be interesting to hear how the newer ones are, considering they're making a new installment in the series. i also like hearing an adult perspective on it (vs. my nostalgia), because i still have some of them on vhs, and it makes me know which ones might be worth watching/not watching again.