Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 4

Well, this was a filler episode, if I've ever seen one. It's mostly a recap of the previous episode, and a "comedic" subplot starring the villains of the first Dragon Ball series. I didn't think those villains were funny then, and I don't think they're funny now. Especially since it's been several decades since Dragon Ball was a comedy-only show.

The animation was kind of weird. Very often, all the lines got super-thick, like the original animation frames were damaged, and they had to redo them with sharpee markers.

In the last minute, something interesting happened. That is, evil villain Beerus landed on the same planet as our hero Goku. Goku apparently decided NOT to go back to Earth, which is a silly decision on his part. If he HAD gone to Earth, they could have stretched out this plotline for a few more episodes!

The next episode airs on Sunday, in Japan. I find it interesting that Dragon Ball airs as a weekly show in Japan, when it airs as a daily show in America.

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