Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dragon Ball Super, Episode 3

The third episode of Dragon Ball Super finally gave some much-needed background on the new villain of the series.

Dog face is Beerus, an ancient god of destruction who travels around the universe and destroys stuff for no particular reason. It's just what he does. Apparently, he was made to counteract the normal, nice gods.

(Not sure WHO made him, if the gods didn't.)

Beerus just woke up from a 39-year nap. That's super convenient timing there, because that's how old Goku (the main character) is. The nice gods are really scared that Beerus will get into a fight with Goku. I'm not sure WHY they're afraid of this. Goku is the strongest fighter in the universe. Unless they have absolutely no confidence in him and all the times he saved the universe?

Beerus decides to fight Goku, because his talking psychic fish told him to. I am not joking. That is the reason. So now Beerus is on his way to the North Kai planet to fight Goku. Uh oh! Looks like a fight will happen in the next episode!

Or not! On Earth, everyone is holding a birthday party for the female lead. Goku realizes he's late for that, so he leaves North Kai planet to go back home. Goku has the super-useful ability to teleport, so it should only take him a few seconds.

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