Wednesday, August 26, 2015


There hasn't been much on the cooking front lately. The past week or so, all I did was retry some old recipes. The stuffed mushrooms are the only ones good enough to make the cut.

This upcoming week, I'm trying out chicken parmesean, an adaptation of the glazed carrot recipe (I want to see if I can cook it without the glaze), and two simple oven recipes for Mary to try out (cheese toasties, mini-pizzas). I'll give you all an update on how these recipes go.

In related news, I finally figured out where the grocery store's discount meat section is. Two weeks ago, I was going to get a roast, because they are super easy to cook in the oven and the label tells you exactly how long to cook them. (Still not sure how to clean the pan after a roast, though. I put it in the dishwasher, but the pan still is stained everywhere.) But they had discount sirloin steak available, for two bucks chapter. I got that and broiled it. I didn't add any spices or sauces, and I didn't have an exact time, so I guessed the cooking time based on my microwave cookbook. Katie was super-impressed by how it turned out.


Anonymous said...

With pans covered in baked on stuff, soak them in warm water with a bit of dish soap for a while. That will help break down the grease so you can get them clean.

Stephanie said...

Michael, a trick for the chicken parm is to add the cheese & sauce after cooking the chicken cutlets. Bake the breaded chicken on a rack until done, add the parm and mozzarella, bake a few minutes until melted, put on serving plate(s) and top with sauce. This method keeps the chicken crispy.

Katie Nelson said...

Yay!!! Mary's gonna cook!!!! I hope she shoves the dust in your face and takes off with her awesome cooking :p.

B said...

Reading about your cooking adventures is probably one of my favorite things to read/watch on here in between ND playthroughs. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out!