Tuesday, August 25, 2015


You've probably noticed that ads have reappeared on my blog. That's because I was greatly misled, about the nature of these ads. Blogger made it seem like I would get $100 every month, by putting ads on the blog. Now it looks like I get $100 every 15 months.

Google AdSense won't pay you until you earn over $100, so...I guess I'll have ads on here for the next nine months. My apologies to anyone who's bothered by seeing ads here.


Emily said...

I'd imagine how much you get has to do with how many times the ads are viewed.
I turned off my Ad Blocker for your page so hopefully that will help at least a little.

Also, do you get more money if the ads are clicked? One ad that regularly shows up here is for my work so I can click through and use that to log in if you'd get some kind of benefit for it.

Honestly, I know this is your job so I'm happy to manage the ads in a way that actually gets you paid, especially considering the hours of entertainment you give everyone else.

Michael Gray said...

The main problem is that the rate they're paying crashed from over $2 to something like $0.80. So it takes over twice as much to get the same amount of money, if that makes sense.

B said...

I second what Emily stated and I too have disabled my ad block for your page as well. Hope it helps even just a little bit!