Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wedding Registry

I promise that I'll eventually write blogs about the wedding and the honeymoon and everything. Katie and I are just super busy right now.

Yesterday, we went through the wedding registry. We asked, "Is there anything left on here, which we absolutely must have?". The answer was "No." Our wedding guests were awesome, and they bought all the must-haves.

Then we asked, "Is there anything left on here, which we'd really like to have?". And there were about four things: a flour sifter, bathroom shelves, a welcome mat and a shaving mirror. We bought those for ourselves, using some Amazon gift cards we got as wedding presents. Amazon also gave us a 10% discount, for doing a wedding registry with them, and that pretty much covered the shipping and handling.

Katie and I also bought some less necessary stuff, like stupid t-shirts and one of the 1980's Nancy Drew books. We also spent fifteen minutes, trying to find a replacement ice-machine part for our refrigerator. That ended up being the most expensive thing on the entire list.

Another thing we did was investigate some weirdness, connected to the wedding registry. Three items on the wedding registry were purchased, but never delivered. Either there's a mistake somewhere, or people bought those items off the registry, for themselves. There were also three items purchased from our registry, which we received, which Amazon listed as unsold. So maybe people saw items on our registry and bought them separately? I dunno.

Anyway, we're done with the registry, and we'll delete it soon.

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