Thursday, July 2, 2015

Vampire Diaries

I finally got access to my sister's old Windows 2000 computer. Believe it or not, it's a Windows XP computer. Yes! If any computer is going to run Her Interactive's Vampire Diaries game (from 1996), this should be it!

I put in the game CDs, and they worked! I started installing the game, and...

The application is not supported by Windows NT.

What? No! Game, please work! I don't even know what a Windows NT is!

The official solution to the problem is to expand .dll files in the System32 folder, by using the original NT disc. I don't have that disc, and I tried checking Windows Update. This is the old version of Windows Update, which doesn't work unless you have the Microsoft website open in Internet Explorer.

No dice. It looks like I will NOT be able to play Vampire Diaries.

In other news, I have a Windows XP computer now! What are some classic games that I should get for it? I'm half-tempted to use it for speedrunning. Official speedrunning rules say that you can't use emulators, which is why you don't see official runs for famous games like Oregon Trail or Myst. In fact, the only Myst runs they have posted are for RealMyst, the 2000 remake. I could easily get the record, by virtue of being the only person using the original version!


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

Some Windows 95 games that I think you should play

Barbie Detective 2 Vacation Mystery(Kinda like Nancy Drew only Barbie)

Barbie Detective


Emily said...

I second the Barbie Detective suggestion. The first one where she's at a carnival is also pretty epic and there's a jet ski mini game!

Anonymous said...

Definitely do Myst (and Riven if the first goes well). They're definitely up there with ND games as my favourites. I'd also like to third the Barbie Detective suggestions!

Anonymous said...

If you don't know what Windows Nt is, let me explain it briefly: it is a family of operating systems that started with NT 3.1, and is still being produced today (though it's no longer called that in public). Currently, the next NT OS is Windows 10, set to arrive this July.

Jo said...

Goosebumps Escape from Horrorland! That game was one of the best! I miss playing it so much :(

Anonymous said...

I saw on a forum that you can run this game by installing windows 95/98 on a virtual pc on a modern computer. Hope maybe that helps!!1

Lisa Ewen said...

This is an older post, but recently I managed to get a solid way to get the game to run using a virtual windows 98 on my computer. Obviously, it takes more time and effort than your average game would, and you might not see it as something you'd want to invest that kind of time and effort into a game you may only play once. However, if you're still interested in playing the game, I can give you my little guide on how to get it to run.