Monday, July 27, 2015

To Be Or Not To Be...Murdered! - Book Review

During my honeymoon, I read a lot of books. One of them is To Be Or Not To Be...Murdered!. I bought this book, because it was described to me as "Catholic Nancy Drew".

The book is narrated by a girl named Peyton Simons. She has a boyfriend, and their relationship has gone sour, ever since he lost out on a scholarship. She wants to break up with him, and start dating the super-hot guy from her theater group. The romance plot takes up most of the book.

Someone at the school commits suicide, by hanging themselves. Peyton is the one who finds the corpse. The book takes the death very seriously, compared to Nancy Drew, who regularly finds corpses and shrugs it off. Peyton is very disturbed by the death, and things get even worse when there is a copycat suicide.

The third suicide? The hot guy from Peyton's theater group. She goes into mystery-solving mode at this point, because she knows he wouldn't commit suicide. Sure enough, she discovers that the suicides are really murders, and she stops the murderer.

Peyton is taking confirmation classes, which is where most of the Catholic stuff occurs. I'm surprised that a priest runs those classes by himself; every place I've been to, they have someone besides the priest teach.

Overall, it's an okay book. I was expecting it to have a lot more mystery elements, when in reality, the first half of the book is mostly romance. That's not bad; it's just not what I expected. The mystery was well done, in my opinion. People say that, with a good mystery, you can go back and see all the clues that you missed the first time around. That certainly happened for me with this book. I gave it four out of five stars on Amazon.

On a not-so-good note, this book definitely needs an editor. I saw multiple sentences with incorrect grammar. But the main editing issue is the spacing. Some paragraphs start with a tab, some have two tabs, some have three. There seems to be no reason or consistency to how large the start-of-paragraph tab is. I read the book on my iPhone, so it was extremely noticeable when a paragraph started with a huge tab, one so big that only two words fit on that line.


EJ Ramirez said...

I tried submitting my speedruns to SDA, but it says it needs an authentification password, but I don't know what that is.

EJ Ramirez said...

Also, you should make an account for I'm a moderator for the ND series.

Michael Gray said...

Step #1 is to submit information about the run (what game it is, if it's a segmented run. etc.). After that, one of the moderators of the site will PM you. This might take a few days, because they're busy right now, and they only four of the Nancy Drew games listed on their site.

When the moderator PMs you, they'll include all the info you need, including the authentication passwords, the uploading program, etc. If you have any questions, you can ask them, there.

I think that should be enough! Unless by "authentication password", you mean that you're having trouble making a profile on their forum board. Usually, when you set up an account for message boards--whether it's the Her Interactive Forums, speedrun forums or GameFAQs--they ask for an email. They send an email to the email address you gave, with an authentication password. That just proves that you can, in fact, access that email address.