Monday, July 13, 2015

Dragon Ball Z Super

The new Dragon Ball Z series has started! I saw the first episode, and it wasn't bad!

It was a lot better than the LAST attempt to do a sequel to Dragon Ball Z, which is known as "the series that shall not be named". That series started by turning the main character into a twelve-year-old, so he could be the same age as his granddaughter. Just like "let's make Phoenix Wright a drunken piano bum", I have no idea who thought that would be a good premise for the series.

The first episode was basically a casual look at all the various characters, and what they're up to now. There wasn't really an overarching storyline. It was more like, "Hey, everyone gets three minutes to do their own thing". So the kids went on an adventure to find a present, Hercule had trouble at a big press conference, Gohan got engaged to Videl, and Goku got a part-time job as a farmer.

There was also a villain in outer space. He looks like a purple dog. He lands on a planet and forces people to make him food. If the food isn't good enough, he blows up the planet, killing everyone. The rulers of the universe were upset about planets being destroyed, and I'm sure we'll see more of this villain in future episodes.

Overall, I think people will like the new series. Anything that officially replaces the series that shall not be named is A-Okay, in my book. Plus, the animation is a lot fancier than in the original series, probably because they're using computers to help with everything. I'm not too impressed by our new villain, Eating Dog Person, but I'm willing to give him a shot!

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