Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dragon Ball Super Episode 2

I watched Episode 2 of Dragon Ball Super yesterday. Like the first episode, it's mainly filler. Nothing important happens, at all. Like, half of the episode is "Vegeta is forced to go on a family vacation, and he doesn't like it".

We saw more of the villain, the dog creature known as Beerus. I guess he's supposed to be intimidating, but he strikes me as mainly weird. The show hasn't really explained who he is or where he comes from. All we've seen is Beerus do is kill innocent aliens and eat food. Most of the time, he acts bored. Occasionally, he acts uppity. I'm not sure where they're going with this enemy.

Apparently, this series is based on a 2013 movie. Which is cool, I guess. They're basically retelling the movie, except now they have 10 hours to get through everything, instead of an hour and fifteen minutes. So...every episode of the show is like three minutes of the movie?

I dunno. I never saw the movie. Maybe the movie explains who this Beerus guy is, and what's going on. It'd be pretty lame if it turns out you can't enjoy the TV series, without seeing the movie first.


EJ Ramirez said...

You should make an account for I am a moderator for the ND games page.

Abby said...

Ok, why does Hollywood make going on family vacations with your family sound so horrible?? They're not! And if you get sick of your family, go for a walk or something!!