Sunday, July 19, 2015

Book Lists

I've been working on the wedding registry on Amazon, recently. As part of my Amazon work, I made wish lists for various Nancy Drew series.

The main Nancy Drew series
The 1980's spinoff series
The Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys Crossover series

It feels kind of weird to have wishlists for these series, considering that I won't be reading any of their books for several months. The current schedule is to alternate between the Girl Detective trilogies and the Baby-Sitters Club. That'll bring me to the end of the Girl Detective series; I'll be done with it forever. I'll also be semi-done with the Baby-Sitters Club, because the collection I have only goes up to Book 20.

So, yeah, those are the next 25 books I'll be reading! Girl Detective and Baby-Sitters Club. I hope people like them! If not, well, there won't be any more book reviews from those series, for people to dislike!

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