Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wedding RSVPs

Funny thing I've noticed about RSVPs to the wedding. The people I know write two sentence notes, like "Sorry, I'm busy that day. I can't make it." The people I don't know / the people I've never met write full page notes, explaining why they can't attend.

Either the people I know are either jerks, or they hate writing long messages. As for the people I don't know, they're super polite! It seems like they're worth knowing. Although I won't get to know them, since none of them can make the wedding.

We'll see what happens. There are at least ten people on the wedding list who are my parents' friends, who I may or may not recognize. It could be awkward, going around from table to table at the wedding reception. I think I'll use the "have Katie make the introductions" trick, since all of them know me, and none of them know Katie. That way, I can learn their names while pretending I knew their names all along! I'm sneaky like that.


Anonymous said...

The people you know probably are just thinking that you are close enough that they don't have to make a long explanation whereas the people you don't know feel more formal and obligated to say something so you don't think they hate you. Like if my best friend had a party and I couldn't go I would just tell her why I couldn't go cuz I know she would understand, just don't think that your friends hate you or are rude, they just know you better! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Nah, Michael's friends are just jerks.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, Michael already has a fiance; Katie. How on earth did you get past the "I'm not a robot" test?