Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Marathon Schedule

Hey, everyone! Here's the schedule for my big summer Marathon!

Game 1: Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch
Game 2: Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession
Game 3: Samantha Swift 3
Game 4: Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies
Game 5: Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty
Game 6: Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death
Game 7: Blackwell Unbound
Game 8: Love and Death: Bitten
Game 9: Dracula: Love Kills
Game 10: Spirit Soup: The Queensbury Curse
Game 11: Dark Tales: Edgar Allen Poe's Red Masque of Red Death
Game 12: Spirit Walkers
Game 13: Fire Emblem Gaiden, Chapter 2
Game 14: Tales of Terror
Game 15: Redemption Cemetery
Game 16: Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (Demo)
Game 17: Spirits of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur
Game 18: Nevertales The Beauty Within
Game 19: Samantha Swift 4
Game 20: Midnight Mysteries 3: Mark Twain
Game 21: Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden
Game 22: Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman
Game 23: Mystery of the Ancients: Curse of the Black Water
Game 24: Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades
Game 25: Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond

Here's a tentative schedule for the remaining weeks. Basically, I bought some games that people requested, added them to the list I had, and sorted them randomly.

Week of July 20
Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty
Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel
Age of Engima: Secret of the 6th Ghost
Enigma Agency
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

Week of July 27
Ominous Objects: Family Portrait
Grim Tales: The Vengeance
Otherworld 1
Otherworld 2
Royal Trouble

Week of Aug 3
Mystery of the Ancients 2
Tiger Eye 1
Agatha Christie Demo
Fiction Fixers Adventures in Wonderland
Grim Facade: Wealth of Betrayal

Week of Aug 10
Drawn: Trail of Shadows
Book of Legends
Reveries: Soul Collector
Unfinished Tales
Azada 3

Week of Aug 17
Sable Maze 1
Grammar Games
Pepper's Adventures in Time
Tiger Eye 2

Week of Aug 24
Grim Facade: Artist and the Pretender
Dark Parables: Sand Queen
Campfire Legends 1
Blackwell Legacy
Love Chronicles 3


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

Wonderful list of games can't wait to watch. I was really hoping that MCF's Return and Escape from Ravenhearst would on the list that you added too.

Michael Gray said...

The older Mystery Case Files games have proven surprisingly difficult to record. I have to use a different recording program, just for those games. And that program doesn't record game audio at the same time as commentary, so it's a minor pain.

Anonymous said...

Michael Gray! I've been trying to find out for ever so long what software can record both game audio and microphone audio, please reply and tell me what you normally use? Please?

Anonymous said...

I really didn't care for And Then There Were None, but I'm still quite interested in seeing you play it!