Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sea of Darkness Speedrun

My summer marathon has taken away time from my speedrun for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness, but I did a little more work on the speedrun today! I'm running the game on both amateur and master sleuth modes.

To win the game, you need at least 2050 Kronur, which you get from the vocabulary challenge, or by making borromatur trays. I decided vocabulary would be easier, since it's available at the very start of the game. Also, borromatur is difficult.

If you do the vocabulary challenge to get money, it takes ten minutes and twenty-four seconds to reach the lighthouse lights puzzle. That's the first point where the game changes, depending on the gameplay mode. I'll talk more about that puzzle tomorrow.

The game has Easter eggs. You can use an Easter egg to buy whatever you want from the gift shop. I figured that I could save time by getting Easter eggs, to cover the cost of the two items I have to purchase! Sadly, when I tried this out, it didn't work. Darn!

The last time I blogged about making money in this game, an anonymous commenter suggested making borromatur trays. To trigger the borromatur trays, you need to talk to Gunnar the first time, then leave and re-enter the pub. You need to go into the back room and flip through the book, then the trays are available to fill.

...Turns out that anonymous commenter is right. At top speed, you can have three borromatur trays filled, in 50 seconds. Whereas with vocabulary, you can have four rounds complete in about 90 seconds. I guess this means I'll have to learn the borromatur tray puzzle, and then re-record my speedrun. Ugh...


Anonymous said...

Hey Arglefumph!

Are you planning on doing a live playthrough of Sea of Darkness? Are you also planning on doing a video review of the game?


Michael Gray said...

YouTube still hasn't given back my livestreaming powers! YouTube is mean.

Jenny said...

You're welcome Michael(I was one of the two anonymous commenters) Another thing that saves a lot of time in speed runs (more effective in older games) is when your turning hold down one of the mouse buttons (most of the times it's the right button but sometimes it's the left) makes Nancy turn faster. Good luck with your Sea of Darkness speed run!