Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Perfect Mystery Trilogy

Here are my reviews for the Perfect Mystery trilogy. "Perfect" might not be the best name for it, since the entire mystery hinges around tingly face cream. Also, it's clearly a two-book story, not a three-book one. It does have Nancy Drew entering a pageant, though!

In between books 2 and 3, they wrote Girl Detective Ghost Stories. My current plan is to review Ghost Stories 1 and 2, then do the Girl Detective version. That'll be it for book reviews for a while. I might do a review when I'm in California for the wedding, if I have enough free time (which I won't), since I think their library system has books that aren't available in Oregon.


Anonymous said...

I loved the first book, liked the second one, and the third one was utterly forgettable. It was just one big chase scene, and that wasn't interesting for me. I think you're right, that stories shouldn't just be made trilogies just for the sake of it being a trilogy. This story was not enough to be three books.

Abby said...

I did enjoy these books. I have all of them. The Third is my favorite, I love chase scenes. But, I think they could've added maybe a murder, a...I dunno, a something to spice it up. ALL of the Nancy Drew books ever made have THEFT in them. C'mon, people, get some excitement into it!!