Sunday, June 14, 2015

New York Geography

It always bothers me when Nancy Drew books assume you know the geography of New York City. Like in Stage Fright, where one of the cliffhangers is "Oh no, the villain called us from Manhattan!". I don't know where Manhattan is, relative to Broadway. So that cliffhanger left me confused, instead of scared.

Actually, let me look that info up now...

Ah. The two places are fifteen minutes apart. I guess that's close. Still, that's like me talking about Portland, and saying a call from the Pearl District arrived in Lloyd Center. Nobody but the locals will understand what I mean.

Of course, the Nancy Drew publishers live in New York, so they have no problem with this stuff.

There's also New York geography in the Perfect Mystery trilogy, although it's easier to understand. Nancy Drew is a tourist, so she has people explain the various landmarks to her. Like...Soho is the shopping district! And it's really hard to get from the east side to the west side, quickly. The third book in the trilogy does a slightly worse job of explaining the geography to outsiders.

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