Friday, June 12, 2015

Nancy Drew Ghost Stories

Here's my review for Nancy Drew Ghost Stories.

I'm pretty sure this review was requested, because the second story is the basis for Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. In the game, the dogs are real dogs. In the story, they are grown men in costumes. It's kind of silly, but at least it's not as bad as Ghost Jogger! Let me just copy/paste my Ghost Jogger review on here...

The Ghost Jogger

This is the shortest, and worst, story in the book. Nancy is out jogging one night, when a guy dressed up like a ghost jogs next to her and hands her a mysterious note. The note says "You'll find them in the barn with the horse on it."

Nancy goes home, where Hannah is watching TV. Hannah saw a news report about kidnapped children, and Nancy decides this must be the mystery she has to solve. Before you can question this decision, Nancy and George search the countryside at random. They find the correct barn on their very first try, but the kidnappers escape with the children when Nancy's car runs out of gas.

The next day, the ghost jogger gives her a note, saying to search a riverboat. I'm sure there are dozens, if not hundreds, of riverboats in Illinois, but just like with the barn, Nancy finds the right one on her first try. Because she's perfect.

By coincidence, Mr. Drew has rented a speedboat for two months. And by another coincidence, Ned knows a famous riverman in the area. They both guide Nancy to the boat where the children are being held captive. Ghost Jogger is there, and Nancy works with him to save the kids.

The story ends with Ghost Jogger giving an explanation. The kidnapper is his uncle, and he overheard Uncle brag about the crime. Instead of going to the police, like a NORMAL person would, he decided to stop the kidnapping by dressing up like a ghost and handing vague notes to Nancy Drew.

The End

There are so many problems with this story. Why does Ghost Jogger give Nancy vague clues, instead of exact addresses? Why does he ask her to solve the mystery, but forget to tell her what the mystery is? If he's on the boat to save the kids anyway, why does he need Nancy's help? Any seriously, why the ghost get-up? There are other ways to send anonymous notes than by dressing up like a ghost and showing up at jogging time.

Fortunately, Nancy Drew is perfect and she bypassess all of these problems, with the power of huge coincidences. Whenever she doesn't know what to do, the solution is handed to her on a silver platter. Sort of like the Harry Potter movies. I sincerely hope they were never any plans to make this story into a full-length book.

I give this story a 1 out of 10.

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