Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Land Before Time 5

Land Before Time 5 is called "The Mysterious Island", and it restored my faith in the series. After movie #4, with the villains who waste a third of the movie arguing about pointless things, we got a movie with an actual plot that moves at a brisk pace! Also, villains who don't talk. Yes!!! It's like the opposite of the arguing villains.

The movie starts with the kids having fun while eating. Then a swarm of locusts appears, and they eat all the food in the Great Valley. The dinosaurs hold a conference, and they decide to migrate. Tensions run high, as it takes a long time for them to discover food. Meanwhile, I'm struck at how much food dinosaurs have to eat, because they are MASSIVE creatures. When you're bigger than a car, you have to eat a LOT. It's amazing they have time for anything else. Speaking of which, the running joke that Spike loves food was pretty well done in this movie, considering that "the fat guy loves to eat" is a joke that can become tedious.

The herd decides to split up, but the kids are having none of that. So they all run off together, to find food themselves. The food is on a mysterious island, in the ocean. They travel there through a land bridge, but the bridge is destroyed when the tide comes in. Meaning our heroes are temporarily trapped on the island, oh no!

The island ends up being home to large meat-eaters, including Chomper. Chomper is the baby T-Rex from the second movie. He recognizes our heroes as his friends, and he tries to protect them from being eaten. Our heroes wobble between gratitude and general distrust of Chomper, but Chomper proves himself a loyal friend when a gigantosaurus attacks. There is an AWESOME dinosaur battle between the two tyrannosaurus rexes and the gigantosaurus, complete with blood and dinosaur sounds (since none of these characters can talk). I have no idea how they managed to maintain a G rating, when you see one dinosaur draw blood with the intent to kill.

Our heroes learn a lesson about respecting and understanding people who are different from you, and a swimming dinosaur takes them all the way to shore. They reunite with their families and go back home. The end.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for dinosaur battles, but I really liked this film. The songs were fine, although it's really obvious Littlefoot's singing voice is not the same as his speaking voice. Unlike the two previous movies, nothing was dragged out too long. I mean, I guess you could argue it took too long for our heroes to reach the island, but that didn't bother me, since there was more to the first twenty minutes that "this is all an excuse for our heroes to reach an island".

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