Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Land Before Time 3

I rewatched Land Before Time 3, This movie is a LOT worse than I remembered.

The story is that the Great Valley suffers from a drought, after a landslide cuts off their water supply. The movie stretches out the drought story, for at least a half-hour, without any interruptions at all. It is tedious. First, they start conserving the water. It gets progressively harder to find good food, so they ration the water. Then, everyone starts squabbling over the water rationing measures.

The solution to the problem is "send someone upstream, to move a few of the rocks that are blocking the river". The movie took WAY too long, to reach that point.

The main subplot of the movie is about some bullies, who harass our heroes. They show up before the drought story, and they show up towards the end of it. The movie would have been so much better if it put a scene with the bullies, somewhere near the middle. You know, something to break up the thirty minutes of water rationing. I don't know why the movie makers thought kids would be that interested in water rationing.

The other subplot was about Cera's father, slowly learning that he shouldn't be such a jerk. That one wasn't so bad, except it was directly tied into the water rationing storyline. So it felt like more the same, as opposed to a break from the water story. Still, Cera's father becoming a nicer person at the end felt a lot more realistic and natural than the bullies suddenly becoming nice.

The very, very end of the movies is the dinosaurs having the first Thanksgiving dinner together. This gives the movie its name, "The Time of Great Giving". That scene came out of nowhere, and I kind of face-palmed when I saw it.

When I watched the movie, I could remember the first fifteen minutes or so. I didn't remember anything else that came afterwards. Now I know why! Nothing beyond that point is really worth watching! I would give this movie a low score, but maybe I'd give a free point for naming the bullies after their species, like Nod the nodosaurus and Mutt the muttaburrasaurus. I wonder how many viewers understood that dinosaur joke.

Mary still seems interested in the Land Before Time movie series, so I guess we'll keep watching them! If rumors are to be believed, Movie #15 in the series is being released this year.

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