Friday, June 26, 2015

Barbie: Fashion Fairytale

Barbie: Fashion Fairytale begins with an extremely meta scene. The made-for-DVD movie begins with Actress Barbie, filming a scene for a made-for-DVD movie. That's like a Nancy Drew book, where she reads a Nancy Drew book. I the Barbie universe, all the Barbie movies are fake. That's crazy.

The movie is The Princess and the Pea. It gets ruined, when the director decides to turn the peas into zombies. Also, he gives them a rap scene. Barbie nicely tries to tell the director he's crazy, and she gets fired. Moments later, Ken calls Barbie and tells her that he wants to break up.

(The opening was interesting and different. Everything else in the movie is pretty bland. Also, I don't know what was up with the lighting in this film, but Barbie's skin regularly turns red. It's like she has a bad sunburn.)

Barbie decides to visit her Aunt Millicent, in Paris. Millicent is a fashion designer, but she's going out of business. Barbie finds some fashion fairies, inside a closet in the attic. The fairies help save the business, by making the dresses sparkly. That's pretty much the entire movie. There's a minor subplot where villains temporarily kidnap the fairies, but that doesn't last long.

Meanwhile, a French dog falls in love with Barbie's pet poodle. He makes dresses for her. During a fashion show, he dances to the tune of Who Let the Dogs Out?. I have no idea why these scenes were included.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ken did NOT break up with Barbie. That was a trick by Raquelle. I don't know who Raquelle is, but Katie and Mary identified her as the main antagonist of the online Barbie series. Ken decides to win Barbie back, by travelling to Paris. His journey is pretty rough. Like, his plane is grounded, he misses his train, his taxi gets a flat tire, and a pig eats his jacket.

He arrives just in time for the fashion show at the end of the movie. Ken and Barbie are reunited, and the movie director from the start of the film shows up. He begs Barbie to direct the next movie in the Barbie series.

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