Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wedding Song

In wedding news, Mom wants this as the son/mother dance.

She had no idea the song is six minutes long, so there's a minor chance she'll pick something else.


In other wedding info, Katie and I are going to be married, according to the Second Edition of the Catholic Rite of Marriage. The Vatican released this rite, in Latin, in 1991. The United States Bishops approved of an English translation in November, 2013. The English-only version of this hasn't been printed yet, although the Latin-English copy can be found somewhere on ICEL's website. (I found it the first time, no problem. The next time I looked, I couldn't find it anywhere.)

This is one of those few times that knowing Latin comes in handy.


lence said...

ha, I actually don't mind this song

Anonymous said...

If you're going to have a DJ, you could ask him to fade out the song after a certain point. That way your mom gets the song she likes without you having to dance for such a long time.