Saturday, May 16, 2015

Twilight Princess

Okay, I played through the opening part of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It took 50 minutes. We were talking about how to split up the videos. As far as I can tell...2008 Michael was crazy when he tried to split up the game into sections.

Here are the sections in the 2008 guide, now with times added.

004a. The Opening Triduum
004aa. Dawn of the First Day – 72 Hours Remain (3 minutes)
004ab. Dawn of the Second Day – 48 Hours Remain (7 minutes)
004ac. Dawn of the Third Day – 24 Hours Remain (25 minutes)
004b. Forest Temple – Getting the First Fused Shadow
004ba. Wild and Wolfy (15 minutes)

With the last one, I played for fifteen minutes. That took me all the way to the scene where Link becomes a werewolf. The game gives you a "would you like to save?" screen at this point. (The other save screen was after 004ab.) Why didn't I split up my guide, at that part of the game? That is a natural stopping point.

So I have no idea how to split up the videos.

I also am not sure when to start posting these videos. My subscribers probably need some time to absorb the new Nancy Drew game first.

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