Saturday, May 9, 2015

Twilight Princess

I wrote a walkthrough for GameFAQs, for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It's at the bottom of the list, under all the more popular guides. Here is the outline for the game, not including other sections like "where all the heart pieces are" and "how to fight all the bosses".

004. Walkthrough
*004a. The Opening Triduum
004aa. Dawn of the First Day – 72 Hours Remain
004ab. Dawn of the Second Day – 48 Hours Remain
004ac. Dawn of the Third Day – 24 Hours Remain
*004b. Forest Temple – Getting the First Fused Shadow
004ba. Wild and Wolfy
004bb. Dispelling the Twilight
004bc. Forest Temple – More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys
004bd. Forest Temple – Boomerang Adventures
*004c. Goron Mines – Getting the Second Fused Shadow
004ca. Dispelling the Twilight
004cb. Getting to the Gorons
004cd. The Mines – The First Big Key Third
004ce. The Mines – The Second Big Key Third
004ce. The Mines – The Third Big Key Third
*004d. Lakebed Temple – Getting the Third Fused Shadow
004da. Dispelling the Twilight
004db. Getting the Zora Armor
004dc. Lakebed Temple – East Side
004dd. Lakebed Temple – West Side
*004e. Arbiter's Grounds - Getting to the Mirror of Twilight
004ea. Finding the Master Sword
004eb. Reaching Arbiter's Grounds
004ec. Arbiter's Grounds – Poe Hunt
004ed. Arbiter's Grounds – Spinner Time
*004f. Snowpeak Ruins - Getting the Second Mirror Shard
004fa. What's that Smell?
004fb. Snowpeak Ruins, Part One – Finding the Pumpkin
004fc. Snowpeak Ruins, Part Two – Finding the Cheese
004fd. Snowpeak Ruins, Part Three – Finding the Key
*004g. Temple of Time – Getting the Third Mirror Shard
004ga. Not the Sacred Grove Again!
004gb. Flashbacks to Ocarina of Time
004gc. Temple of Time, Part One - Bop to the Top
004gd. Temple of Time, Part Two – Getting Down and Funky
*004h. Island in the Sky - Getting the Fourth Mirror Shard
004ha. Some Rather Boring Adventures
004hb. Dungeon and Dragon – East Tower
004hc. Dungeon and Dragon – West Tower
004hd. Dungeon and Dragon – North Tower
*004i. Palace of Twilight – Time to Kill Zant
004ia. Midna Gets Some Backstory
004ib. The Western Sol
004ic. The Eastern Sol
004id. The Northern Tower
*004j. Hyrule Castle – Time to Kill Ganondorf

I like "Temple of Time, Part One - Bop to the Top". High School Musical references still amuse me.

It looks like I split up the game into 10 large segments, and 37 different segments. Perhaps the video walkthrough for the game should be 37 videos long? I dunno. 37 hour-long videos could be a pain. I don't remember how long any particular segment is...

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Katie Nelson said...

Dear Michael,
I hour-long video is pretty long, not to menion 36 other ones, but then again, if you shortened it to about 30 minute videos, there would be 72 of them, so I don't really know, I guess just do what you think would be easier for you. Personally though, I wouldn't really mind what you did. Love, Love, Katie-Nancy Drew
P.S. So stoked for SEA in just 3 days!!!! :D