Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sea of Darkness - Speedrun

I put together the material from my preceding blog posts, for a tentative speedrun route. This covers all the game, up to the part where you enter Magnus' house.
  • Start game
  • See a snowmobile poster
  • Go to dinghy. Try to start it.
  • Go to pub. Switch to high tide.
  • Earn 2050 Kronur.
  • Get gas and decoration from the employee area.
  • Get ice hook on the way out.
  • Go to Soren. Get pamphlet from him.
  • Buy batteries and guidebook
  • Go onboard
  • Ask Elisabet for the snowmobile key
  • Go to the wheelhouse. Read the captain's log to learn Dangy has a radio key.
  • Go into the hold. Steal the paper about Dagny's cell phone.
  • Go into the captain's quarters. Take the dog toy notes from the desk
  • Take the locator from the desk
  • Solve the triangle puzzle to learn about the langspil
  • Solve the puzzle to open the desk. This gets you the lighthouse key.
  • Solve the word search puzzle for letters.
  • Get pins from the cabinet.
  • Use pins and word search letters on map for Sounding Depth number 1.
  • Solve Dagny's heater puzzle.
  • Get the key from Dagny. Use it to call Alex.
  • Sail to the lighthouse. Open it with the lighthouse key.
  • Solve both puzzles there.
  • You end up getting told how to distract Elisabet. Do so, to get the key to Magnus' cabin
  • Try to start the snowmobile
  • Put gas in the snowmobile
  • The snowmobile now works
  • Go to Magnus' room
I tried out this route earlier today. I need to find a better place for looking at the snowmobile poster, because that's awkward right now. The word search puzzle in Magnus' is a huge momentum-killer, but I guess there's no way around it.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a poster on the way to Soren's place? Or am I remembering that wrong

Anonymous said...

There is! It's on the right post just before you enter the area with the crows nest

Sarah said...

I read on the HeR message boards an quick lighthouse puzzle way is down-right-down-left. You keep clicking that order even if the colors can't go in that direction. I've tried it several times and it works.