Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sea of Darkness - Soren's Pamphlet

Soren gives you a pamphlet, so you can solve the dinghy puzzle. Per my notes yesterday, you have to do this.
  • Go to the wheelhouse. Read the captain's log to learn Dangy has a radio key.
  • Solve Dagny's heater puzzle.
  • Get the key from Dagny. Use it to call Alex.
  • Get the pamphlet and guidebook from Soren.
  • Fix the dinghy.
  • Sail to the lighthouse. Open it with the lighthouse key.
  • Solve both puzzles there.
  • You end up getting told how to distract Elisabet. Do so, to get the key to Magnus' cabin
I went through this a few times, before I figured out the trick. You need to go onto the dinghy. That triggers the conversation with Soren, about his pamphlet.
You have buy Soren's batteries and book. The batteries are 550, and the book is 1500. Which means Nancy needs 2050 Kronur overall. You can get kronur from the pub, either from making meals or from learning vocabulary. I wonder which one would be faster! I mean, the meals give you more money, but it's harder to solve the meal puzzles.
You also need to visit Soren at the start of the game, to gain access to the ship. I guess if you do things in a certain order, you can combine all those trips to Soren. That is, start the game, then go to the dinghy, then earn lots of kronur. When you visit Soren, you buy the things you need, you get the pamphlet, and you get access to the ship, all at the same time. I wonder if that's a big timesaver.

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Anonymous said...

those tray things are hard however i found a way to master one type. Find an order that has the top row filled. Then you know it either fills up the top row or bottom, on the bottom of the order if it shows three "foods" then put the longest strip on the bottom if there are only two "foods" put the long strip on the top

that might not make sense but i would try to just do orders with the top row filled out because once you figure out one you can do the rest of that type and you get a lot more money