Monday, May 18, 2015

Puzzles, Upcoming Reviews

To follow up on yesterday's blog post, I'm definitely planning on solving the puzzles legitimately, in my official video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness. No matter how long it takes. Even if it takes me 30 minutes to solve one puzzle, like in Shadow at the Water's Edge, Secret of the Old Clock and Shadow at the Water's Edge (again).

But for my first playthrough? I'm kind of a cheater. You viewers don't usually get to see my cheat-tastic first playthrough of games. I try to play a game twice, before recording it.

None of the puzzles were like the final puzzle in The Shattered Medallion. I just flat-out don't understand how you're supposed to solve that puzzle legitimately. Maybe if I ever play the game for the sixth time, things will finally click, and I'll figure it out.

Anyway! New topic. I'm doing reviews for the 2007 Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys Supermysteries. I reviewed Books 1 and 3-6. Book 2 took an extra month to get to me, because someone doesn't return library books on time.

In my review for Book 3, I made a joke about Frank Hardy having a crush on Nancy Drew, and a joke about Joe Hardy using the word "suck". Those things didn't happen in Book 1. It turns out that they both happen in Book 2! Now I'm wondering if I should mention them in my review for Book 2, or not. It'd be kind of silly to make the same jokes for Books 2 and 3, but it'd also be kind of silly to ignore something in Book 2, just because I mention it in Book 3.

I suppose I could always redo my review for book 3...

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Anonymous said...

To solve the final MED puzzle: look for clusters of three symbols in the comics. One symbol is going to be on the outside ring. For the other two, look at the journal you dug up in the mines. There is a drawing with symbols on it. The symbols correspond to a location on the disk drawing. Take the two symbols from the comics and find them on that drawing. Then take the artifact at rotate it so there are stars at the same spots as the symbols in the drawing. Then rotate the outer ring to have the right symbol at the arrow.