Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fuller House

I'm told they're making a sequel series to Full House. It's going to be called Fuller House, and it's basically a gender-swapper version of the original show. Instead of three MEN taking care of three kids, it'll be three WOMEN taking care of three kids.

Katie isn't sure this premise will work. When the original show aired, "men taking care of children" was still a humorous premise. You saw it in shows like Three Men and a Baby, and Mr. Mom. I'm told if you watch those shows today, it's kind of painful, because they're really outdated and sexist.

Anyway, the original premise was funny at the time. The new premise, three women taking care of three kids, is not particularly funny. Which means the show is going to fail. I disagree. That doesn't sound like an outdated, unfunny premise; that sounds like a house waiting to appear on Modern Family.

Me, I'm interested in the show, because I know the women in question. By that, I mean Stephanie constantly insulted Kimmy when they were kids, and it was hilarious. I'm sure it will still be funny. I don't know how DJ fits into the dynamic, though. Since she's the one with kids, she'll probably be the responsible, mature one. Kimmy will be the goofy one, which means if we're trying to copy the original show, Stephanie has to be the good-looking one with great hair and an Elvis obsession.

I'm told all the original cast members are excited about the new show, except the Olson twins, who were the most successful out of them all. As in, so successful that they never need to act or work again.


Anonymous said...

That sounds cute I'd never heard of that before, can't wait to see it!! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

I watched the old version, my kids loved the reruns growing up. So, we will try it & see if it is good. I hope it is. It was a nice clean funny show to watch.