Friday, May 29, 2015

Caught Death

I want to make a deaths video for Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness. There's one death I don't recognize, though.

The game autosaves as "Second Chance - Caught", when Nancy presses the ship's emergency alarm. How is that a death sequence?

I've tried pressing the alarm and waiting inside the room for five minutes, but nobody comes in and catches Nancy. Whenever I try to leave the wheelhouse, I hear the sound of Elisabet running after the false alarm, and not catching Nancy. do I get a death at this point in the game?

EDIT: This is a death sequence, because the alarm gives you five minutes to snoop in Elisabet's bag, without getting caught. If you go over the time limit, she catches you and kicks you out. Thanks, blog readers!


Jadyn byrne said...

Maybe if you snoop in elisabets bag for too long she'll come back and catch you?

Michael Gray said...

Good idea! I'll try that out now.

Katie Nelson said...

I tried it now. If you wait about five minutes in Elisabet's bag then she'll say "Hey, get out of there!" And then it's second chance. Testing this second chance screen has let me catch up on your Zelda vids, so even though I'm not first, I'm glad I did it. :)